I'm Suffering From Change Fatigue

The end of May 2020 played host to a huge number of emotions.

We had been living the lockdown life for nearly two months. Carole Baskin was public enemy number one, we had all become zoom quiz aficionados, and students were starting to confront the reality that they probably weren’t going to live their graduation party dreams. Christian living in that season often revolved heavily on lending a hand to your neighbours, facilitating the creation of a WhatsApp group for your street, and figuring out how to share the gospel through Instagram.

Then Boris announced that restrictions would be easing and the game changed again. The world got the first taste of a feeling which has become more and more familiar.

Change fatigue. 

The act of pivoting your whole life around ever changing restrictions has slowly become harder and harder. Energy for adapting to change has steadily depleted and creativity has become more difficult to manufacture. Some people have even gotten to the point where they just want to wait for this whole season to be over before they even begin to think about how to adapt to where we find ourselves. It’s understandable. 

And with relaxation in restrictions on the horizon being marred with the news of new variants of Covid, that decision feels even more justified. 

Fortunately, there is one thing that is unchanging. God. 

Again, He isn’t surprised by this season and He won’t be surprised by the seasons to come. 

This means that He is still looking to build His church. He is still calling out to students today and inviting them into the family.

When students find Jesus, they find the only constant that can be relied on in this season. His relentless pursuit of us! 

So how can you play your part in facilitating the desire of God to build His Kingdom when the context you’re trying to work in keeps changing? 

We developed a tool to help with sharing faith called Mission Styles. Mission Styles is the energy drink your tired creativity needs. Mission Styles looks to help you identify how the people in your life would most easily encounter Jesus, regardless of the season they find themselves in. This means that you can spend your precious ever decreasing energy reserves on the activities and conversations that are more likely to make a difference on an individual basis. 

By simplifying your output, you increase your effectiveness in being salt and light in your communities without draining what little energy you have left. 

God is already moving in this season. Check out some of our recent blog posts to read some incredible stories of what He is doing. He will continue to build His Kingdom, but He invites you to be a part of it. His power is made perfect in weakness. What an opportunity there is in this season.

If you want to find your Mission Style, check out the Mission Styles Website

If you want a member of the Fusion team to come and talk to your church group about Mission Styles, drop us an email

Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

Ben Jackson

Regional Team Leader

Ben found Jesus at university by getting plugged into a local church. He now leads the South team in resourcing churches as they show more students Jesus for the first time.

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