Using My Summer Well: Preparation

If we learnt one thing from 2020, it would be that preparation can be thrown out of the window. Our best ideas that we’ve spent so long thinking about and planning, can be changed at the last minute. So, how do we prepare well for the start of the next academic year, knowing that our plans could change? 

As student workers, we need to start with the vision. 

What is it that sets your heart on fire? What is God stirring in you personally, but also your student group? Perhaps your student ministry is passionate about social justice, or maybe they’re particularly creative, or maybe they love soaking in God’s presence during worship. Maybe you know what your vision is or maybe you’ve got no idea what it is. Either way, spend time listening to God and asking him to start speaking to you about it. 

You might even find it helpful to talk it through with your church leaders. Find out how they craft the vision for the church and talk through the process of doing it with your student ministry. 

"What is it that sets your heart on fire?"

And how are you going to take your team with you on this journey? You might have clocked what God is doing and be going after it, but if you haven’t shared this with your team then they might not recognise it and be ready to run with it. 

So, in preparation for September, start thinking through the vision for your student ministry, and start taking your leaders on the journey with you. 

It's from this place that you can then dream and plan around some of the key areas you might need to think on before September: how to reach freshers, what to cover in your small groups, raising, equipping and mentoring leaders.

Vision is key because all the practical stuff will flow from it.

Using your summer well: resting

Emma Pickersgill

Student Mission Coach

Emma is passionate about training, equipping and investing in student ministry for the sake of the Kingdom. She's excited to see students discover the transformative love of Jesus and step further into their calling.

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