"I sense the lord raising up a generation of students..."

The Fusion Team are regularly on the road in the UK meeting with churches and students. This week, we want to share with you a story from our time on the road. Here's one of Paul's highlights of the term so far!

"Our team is going through a time of transition and change. Whether that be changing roles, moving to a new city or responding afresh to God’s call, I’ve witnessed magnificent trust and faith in each person. When feelings of overwhelm have come, I’ve seen the team push into prayer. When the temptation to run in their own strength has been close, they’ve opened up with honesty to one another. They probably don’t see it but they continue to be a wonderful display of what it means to follow Jesus and run their race with perseverance.

I sense the lord raising up a generation of students that are genuine and authentic Jesus followers. It’s like today’s students have a sixth sense which is activated when the Church is fake, talking down to them or not showing that Jesus actually makes a difference in their lives. Today’s students will happily walk away from a faith that isn’t alive or transformational. However, they will rally around a faith which is pioneering, deeply honest and displays the vibrancy of God’s kingdom.

I sense God raising up pioneering student workers across the nation who will disciple small numbers of students in radical creative missions. I’ve recently seen a student-led mission start in Manchester off the back of one student with a vision to see Churches worship Jesus in unity on campus. ‘One Name On Campus’ will gather Christian students from all denominations to celebrate Christ in the catholic Church opposite campus. There will be a 48hr prayer room to invite students to pray for their mates and cry out for a generation. This is the kind of faith and creativity God is raising up amongst students, that they’d be dangerously alive, bringing the fullness of their contribution to the student mission movement. 

We’ve seen God at work during our visits to Cardiff, Sheffield, Preston and Chester, two weeks of serving the Church at Spring Harvest and getting well under way in planning for Sixty One happening this summer. We’ve had a packed schedule this quarter and our challenge is to keep our perspective that our ministry is fruitful and impactful and that God is restoring our bodies and minds to serve his kingdom agenda. We know we will have trials of many kinds but walking through them in faith is our confidence."

Why not pray this prayer over the Fusion Team this month?

Father God,

Today we come to you boldly and in the confidence you have saved us and made us one with your spirit.

We ask that you would teach us to pray the prayers for your heart for students studying in the North.

Open up our eyes to pray prophetically and strategically, proclaiming victory and dominion over the powers and principalities which seek to kill, steal and destroy student’s lives.

We ask you to enlighten and soften the heart of every student to come to know Jesus Christ as their life and their purpose. Help them enter your rest and live out your call in their lives in all the creativity you seek for the Church.

We proclaim we need this generation to be activated and set free into the plans and purposes of God. We need the ideas, prayers and ministry of students to strengthen the local Church up and down the nation. 

Send out workers who are students in this ripe harvest field.


Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.