Fusion Scotland

Hey! We’re Christa and Barnaby and we are currently the Fusion Scotland team! Fusion Scotland has just turned 5 and so we thought we’d take the opportunity to share a bit about students in Scotland and how we are seeking to serve them. 


What’s the reality?

Most students in Scotland are very aware of the fact that they are not okay and that they are going to need help to make it through this life. Many of them believe that there is more going on than what they can see and touch and that if they can somehow tap into this they might find peace. Many Scottish students have had some form of experience of Christianity growing up. However, only approximately 1% of the student population in Scotland are currently engaged with the local church. 

What do we want to see?

We want to see students finding peace, wholeness and fullness of life in Jesus. We want to see churches across the country loving students really well; walking with them on their journey of faith; and giving them a place to belong. We want to see students sharing their lives and faith with those around them, pointing them to Jesus and inviting them into a relationship with him. 

What are we doing about it? 

Championing church based student work in all the varied contexts represented by University campuses; engaging with and equipping those currently reaching students; empowering and encouraging students to live with and for Jesus on campus, being a light to those around them. 

What we'd love prayer for?

Passion and desire for Jesus to grow across campuses and amongst the students of Scotland. For more updates follow us at @fusionscotland.

Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to see every student have the opportunity to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church during their time at university. Written by the Fusion Team & friends of Fusion, the Fusion blog is full of tips, resources, and stories that will equip and inspire you to play your part in the student mission narrative.