An international leap of faith...

Check out how our mate Judith Agbo started her new role as student worker for Tees Valley Communtiy Church.. this Guest Blogger hit the ground running!


Being the first full time student worker at TVC church, I felt a little apprehensive about my role, not knowing what to expect. However, after attending the Student Work Conference I felt energised, equipped and ready to motivate students into mission. This year we, as a student team, decided to make better use of fresher’s week by hosting an event for international Students @ the University of Teesside.

The night consisted of live music by our very own Pete Glasby, games, food, tea tasting and testimonies. Each testimony had a different focus, the first expanded on their experience of life in the UK and the struggles faced when adjusting to a different culture. The second testimony was centred on finding faith here in the UK and the sense of community that it brings.  Testimonies are always a great way of engaging with the audience and sowing seeds of faith.

We drew on the support and vast knowledge of International House (a ministry at TVC church that caters for Internationals) and this brought about an increasing sense of family and community! Older people are great with international students; they listen so attentively and seem to ask just the right questions.

Our aim was to help international students feel welcome and explore life as it is in the UK. It can be described as a first contact event because we wanted to meet new international students and form new friendships. The event was fantastic, with 53 guests of whom 22 wanted to find out more about church and the events we run and 3 came along to church on the Sunday morning.

We, as a team, are feeling so encouraged by this event and are now looking forward to our next event to build on the relationships formed and contacts made at the international event.

Putting on an event at the beginning of term felt like a huge leap of faith because like most things it is unknown territory. Though we were small in number and limited in time, God took the little we had and multiplied it and this has given the student team more faith to reach out to our student world.

All I can say is when you take a step of faith in God He will meet you 100%.  Take a leap, don’t ever be afraid to fall, God is always there to catch you!

Let’s keep doing the stuff!!!!!!

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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