Life after university? Bring on the Student Careers Day!

This week's Guest Blogger, student worker Lydia Corbett, offers practical hope and help for soon-to-be-graduates, that we think is WAY too good to just keep to London students! Read this and be there...

Rewind 7 years to the windy city of York, and I’m coming to the final hooray of three epic years with friends, Jesus, chips & gravy, attempts at studying and some bizarre sounding drink called an ‘expresso-choc.’  For most of my third year I had a growing suspicion that the end was nigh, that very soon I was to be thrown into the world of adulthood, and despite all my dreams of kingdom valour I really wasn’t sure a.) what that would look like and b.) what an earth I was going to do. It was unnervingly clear that all my friends were in this boat with me, but it seemed easier to embody the ‘Ostrich technique,’ getting our heads down and ignoring it all. Especially as most of the older and wiser types in our lives were not really addressing our suppressed questions! Tutors were more interested in our impending dissertation masterpieces. Church was awesome - we were all certain that there was a ‘call on our lives’, but it was pretty quiet on the practicalities of ‘where and how to.’

With a bit of wrestling we all found God's way forward, and here I am 7 years later pastoring students at a great church in the centre of London. And the thing that’s struck us is that not much has changed. In fact in today’s economic climate and increasingly secular world, the ‘what after?’ questions for students are only growing.  Over all our questioning stands our great God, a certainty that the Kingdom is advancing in our midst,  that he has plans and purposes for our lives, and that he will use us for his praise & glory. But we’ve got a growing hunch that he wants the church to get practical, to use what he’s given us, and in an iculture to re-find community with the biblical truth of the old teaching the young.

So in response we as churches in London offer you the Student Careers Day! On the 24th March St Paul’s Hammersmith will open up it’s newly extended doors to students of the UK. There’ll be worship and some great practical teaching from Neil Prem (LifePurpose Project), but then we’ll get really practical as many experienced Christians from all walks of life arrive to impart wisdom and take whatever questions you have. There will be workshops and advisers for every field from medicine, to business, to dance and media. There will be a careers fair with a chance to build relationships, ask questions, and actualise your work experience dreams. Above all though, we’ll see God glorified, as the ‘older’ part of the church offers itself to you the younger, and helps you to see exactly what it might look like to be a radical man and woman of God working in whatever field his gifts equip you for. There’s a world after university and it needs you, so spread the word, and get registering:

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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