The Liberating Truth

A book review that gives you the chance to have the book for free… nice touch.

“Despite decades of legislation, women are still straight-jacketed into subservient roles. Girls still “dumb down” in order to catch a good-looking guy. From Barbies to burqas to Botox, women are offered models which stifle their development.

The Church needs to stand against such practices. Danielle Strickland argues that it should seize the lead in offering women everywhere- especially younger women- new opportunities to develop their talents.”

 This is the essence of The Liberating Truth: How Jesus Empowers Women, by Danielle Strickland. And to be honest, it caught my attention for students of the UK, because we are the emerging generation of men and women that can and will lead and change tomorrow…today.

Fusion students, this is simple. I know from travelling round the UK and visiting your churches and your cities, that guys and girls are getting released to absolutely go for it in their faith and lead student movements into new territories of mission. I know this because I’ve met you, you’re the answers to prayer Fusion hope to find. I also don’t come across a heap of girls being stopped by their church family from being who they’re created to be in Jesus. Good news.

However, I wonder whether you can think right now, of a girl you know who doesn’t feel secure in her own skin? Who doesn’t seem free? Who doesn’t know who she is, why she’s here and maybe she’s been told stuff that has done her some damage? It doesn’t take me long to find friends in that place.

This book is also for them. Whether they know Jesus or not, it is freeing to read about freedom. It stirs something God-given in us when we hear about injustice and how God is bigger than suffering. This book could be a brilliant open door for your friend to discover what it is Jesus says about them. And after all, it’s only how he sees us that really matters, eternally.

So here’s the offer and the challenge. I have ten of these books to give away. The first ten students (male or female) who message me on this blog or at with the name  of the girl you want to give this book to and why, will get a book. Free. Sent to you, to go and do this mission. It's a win win... but it's first come first served!

After the ten have gone, I’ll announce it on the comment feed below this blog. Then, your challenge will be to buy the book if you’re still committed to giving it to your friend, even if it costs you a couple of coffees…

Share the love students of the UK, there is something very liberating about the truth after all…


Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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