Truth and lies: a poem of power

He tells me I am invisible
That in the grand scheme of things
I’ll never be anything
More than negligible, neglectable

But God says, baby I see you,
Dancing to Taylor Swift, alone in your room
And my child, what’s more,
Even before you were born
I saw you

He tells me I am voiceless
That no-one hears this voice that
Screams and rants and raves
And no-one would listen anyway
Even if I could drown out the chorus

But God says, call upon me
Draw near to me,
I hear your cry,
And I long to dry,
Those tears you weep

He calls me a good for nothing
Says look at you trying
To be somebody
Why would you even believe,
You could achieve such a thing?

But God says, yes, without me,
You might just feel good for nothing
But from nothing I bring good
It’s only through me that you
Can do anything

He calls me a hypocrite
Says I can see you trying to fix
Everybody else
Though you haven’t fixed yourself
And you’ll never manage it

But God says, you are a work in progress,
And yes, right now, you feel a bit of a mess
But baby it’s my job to
Complete what I started in you
And clothe you in righteousness

He tells me I am worthless
Says I’ve got my standards 
And you don’t meet them
Because you’re weak and
A waste of space, and useless

But God says, you are my treasure
Precious beyond all measure,
And the value I place on you,
Has nothing to do 
With a number or a figure

Still he tells me I’ll never be beautiful
Says roses don’t grow on stinging nettles
So don’t dare believe what people say
A lump of clay is a lump of clay
Ordinary, unremarkable

But God says, yes, I made you from dust and clay
But baby you radiate
The true beauty of a heart pure and soul redeemed
A faith steadfast and a love deep
And a life founded on grace

He tells me, I’ll always be his,
And I’ll never be free of his grip,
Which holds me tight
Though I struggle and I fight
To get loose of it

But God says, you are mine
For you, I paid a high price
Not with silver nor gold
No, for your soul,
I paid with the blood of Christ

This guest blog spot has been given to Charli, recent graduate and mentor of students who has shared a personal poem that we believe will be powerful for many more than just her. We spot the lie and send it packing, we claim the truth. 

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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