Kingdom Rise

We all want to change the world.

Whether it’s large or small, in some form or fashion, we want to be a part of change.

We are a generation that wants to make a difference.

We want to leave our mark on someone, someplace, or something. 

We want to feel as if our years on this planet actually did something productive.

That we left our relationships, our universities, our families, friends - whatever it was that we devoted our time and energy to - in a better place than they were before we engaged in them.

In its simplest form, one could argue that we all want to be considered worthwhile, valuable, productive… to know that we are not just wasting time and space 

Am I Right?

But, here’s the deal… When we translate this human yearning over to the way in which we do church, we discover a huge problem.

And it is this - many of us have believed the lie that we are not capable of being a part of true change… especially when it comes to church. Sure, the “professional Christians” may see some good things happen… you know the Vicar, Pastor, Worship Leader, Missionary… those types. But the rest of us don’t really have much to offer. So while the “professionals” are being used at any given church service, the rest of us end up going to church once a week, singing the songs, listening to the sermon, tithing our money (if we have any), and then going home with a “feel good” that lasts for a few hours before real life hits on Monday. With not much carry over between Sunday and the rest of the week.

We have allowed ourselves to come to a place where church, the Christian life, and ultimately Jesus are something that is condensed into a one-hour time slot once a week. Our worship gets isolated to a single event and without even realizing it; we have effectively given Jesus our leftovers in life. And then we sit around wondering why our faith is dry, why we don’t feel connected to God or see Him moving, or why church… and even Jesus seems boring. 

There has to be something more...

Kingdom Rise was birthed out of this reality. This creative and powerful new worship resource is aimed at engaging both individuals and the church to live as agents of change for the Kingdom of God. This four-session study will challenge your views of worship and leave you never again satisfied with the status quo of merely viewing worship as something that happens in church for an hour a week – but rather a radical life change that empowers and unleashes God’s people to live on earth as it is in heaven.

Designed to be used as a personal or small group study, Kingdom Rise: Redefining a Life of Worship and Justice is paired with four gripping short films that enhance the learning experience - taking you or your group to a deeper level of understanding and impact.

The complete Kingdom Rise worship resource bundle includes the four-session book study, four short films and Awaken Worship’s Kingdom Rise album (produced by Stu G. of Delirious?) - with songs written to go hand in hand with each session of the study.

Today's guest blog comes from our brilliant, visionary friend Rob Peabody who is introducing the latest resource from the Awaken Movement...


Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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