Sunday to Sunday

Have you ever behaved a certain way one day, only to be a completely different person on another? From Sunday to Sunday, who are you?

Sunday: gone home to visit the family. Proud parents, missing you, doing the cooking and washing for you, loving having you home. With remarks of “aren’t you maturing” and “really making the most of university” and “worth the money, definitely”.

Friday: That crazy night out, that outfit, those shots, and the photos tagged that make you begrudge Facebook. Late for seminars, didn’t bother with lectures, the language you use, the clothes you wear, the way you behave around him, the way you talk behind her back. Just another week in the life of...

Sunday: It’s rolled around again, where did that week go? Church. Better think through what you wear, scrub the club stamp off your hand, hope the housemates don’t notice you’re gone for a couple of hours. Stand to sing. Sit at the appropriate times. Smile and hug and wave and laugh and clutch your cup of coffee and nod, “yes everything’s going well”. 

Friday: fallen out with course mates, but they deserved it. Last time you’ll work in a group with them, they’re useless. Think you can blag the presentation, as long as you pass it doesn’t really matter. Just got to make it through to...

Sunday: hanging out with a group from church. Talking about living your life as worship to God. Feel like you can do this. God is amazing, you feel so loved and excited about Jesus again in this company. Definitely going to invite your friend to church this week, and will probably go home and apologise to your house mate about the other night...

Friday: you never quite got round to mentioning church. Wasn’t sure they would be up for it any way, you didn’t want it to be awkward. And the apology was probably a bit of an over-reaction, easier to leave it in the end. Went to the library, which doesn’t happen much. That’s worship right? As long as you make it to church on...

Sunday: Jesus is coming! You have ripped the coat off your back and thrown it on the road for him to ride over. What a King, what an inspiration, you would give your life for him, follow no matter what. He gives you hope, joy, you overflow with love. What a party, what a celebration, you are swept up in the crowd and you feel alive! 

Friday: You don’t know who he is. This Jesus. You think everyone over-reacted at the weekend. How can those promises really be true? You heard someone say he wasn’t really God, but a mad man. Maybe it’s not worth it after all. Some where in the distance you hear voices shouting “crucify him, crucify him”. You have nothing to say.

On Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and crowds filled the streets to hail him as King. They worshipped him, crying out their praises as they laid their coats at his feet and waved palm branches. Jesus was everything.

On Friday, Jesus was arrested to be condemned to death. Within five days of the triumphant entry of Jesus as King, the crowds have turned their back on him. Their faith seems to have ebbed away with each passing day, and by the end of the week, the people sentence Jesus to death.

On Sunday, Jesus Christ, God on earth, rose from the dead. Jesus could not be destroyed. The crowds could hail him as King or shout “crucify”, it didn’t change the fact that Jesus is God, who came to die and then defeat death so that humanity has a way to be saved. God is still God even if your week reflects otherwise.

Students of the UK. Today is Thursday. Last Sunday, Jesus was King, tomorrow Jesus was criminal, this Sunday Jesus is life, victorious over all things. Who you are and how you live matters day by day, from Sunday to Sunday. May we be authentic in our faith with Jesus every day of the week, may you know the incredible power and love he brings. 

This Easter, may you meet the living Jesus. 

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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