One Van, Two Years... Launch day!

So how does this sound: One van. Two years. Every uni location in the UK... all in the name of loving your uni like Jesus does. Up for it?

Today is the first day of The Road Trip, an epic two year adventure to reach the heights and depths of the UK student mission scene. Today, we are hitting London. Tomorrow... well it could be a place near you...

It's about time that all the local churches we meet, bursting with students who love Jesus too much not share him with their mates, realise they are part of a bigger movement. The student mission story is an ever-growing, ever changing one and it is Fusion's goal to cheer the church on in reaching students and be utterly encouraged and fuelled for this journey ahead.

I (Miriam) am the driver on this crazy trail across the map in an orange VW camper van. You (insert your name here) are perhaps one of the many future passengers who will hop in the van and come and pray for, encourage and serve the cities we're parking up at. There are so many ways you can join the road trip, including quite literally paying for petrol or jumping in the back (seat belts on please, safety first) but I've got a perfect first step for you to further this movement right now...

Below is a short, stylish animation (I like to call it "VANimation"... thank-you) that gives the world a taste of the adventure that is beginning right now. Please can you post the link on your wall, tweet it, basically get it out there so the world knows- student mission is on the move?! Today is Monday 16th September. I am currently in London, hitting freshers week at Queen Mary Uni. Let's launch this thing, post out the animation, pray for London freshers and work out when you can invite the VW to your uni location this year.

See you on the road. Enjoy the little film... Fearne Cotton did the voiceover (she didn't but I really sound like her).



Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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