Do I Have To Be Good All The Time?

I’ve only gone and read a book haven’t I?! 

When people write books about their lives, their faith, what they’ve learnt about God and his world, we expect a book of “best practice”. Excellent people writing excellent words about the excellent things they’ve done for Jesus.

And then sometimes you come across authors who have not put excellence in a book... they put awkwardness. Enter Vicky Walker, a brilliantly engaging writer who makes me laugh out loud with her anecdotes, and also stay up way past my bedtime drinking pudding-based monstrosities known as “candy swamps” in York bars. 

Vicky has written the book ‘Do I have to be good all the time? And other awkward questions’ and quite honestly, it has been the most enjoyable, refreshing “Christian book” I’ve read. In fact it’s nothing like the other books on my shelf... or perhaps it would be if ‘Is it just me?’ by Miranda Hart were in my room too...

I would recommend every female student picks up a copy of this book, and once you’ve read it I’d share it with your housemates too. It’s so honest and normal about the everyday struggles and joys we face in our twenties (and not all of these struggles are because we follow Jesus would you believe?!) that it’s brilliantly accessible and will definitely provoke good chats... and a lot of giggles about the bizarre world of dating. 

Yet, in amongst her stupid stories of accidental stealing and saying the wrong thing in public, there is wisdom like pure gold to be found. The honest look at sharing faith authentically rather than using a fearful crow-bar to bring Jesus into conversation is encouraging to us all, and the way Vicky explains, or rather paints a vivid picture of what the gift of grace really means for us, is the most striking part of the whole book for me. It will stay with me for years to come and has already helped me understand God better.  

Happy reading, and thanks Vicky for saying what perhaps we're all really thinking...

Vicky Walker is a writer, among other things. She often laughs at the wrong moment, occasionally asks awkward questions and likes to wonder out loud about the meaning of life. Her book 'Do I have to be good all the time?', blog and more can be found at and she'd love for you to tweet her at @vicky_walker

Miriam Swanson

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Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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