Letter to a final year student, from God...

Dear son, dear daughter,

I wanted to drop you a line because we haven’t had that much time to talk recently.

I know you’re so so busy with the final year of your degree, 

and I know it counts so you’re making it count, as the book pile mounts around your head.

And you sit at that desk all day in the library and hold your ground until you get the words down.

And I am so proud of you for trying your best in this moment that you have.

But I just wanted to take a minute to say, that I see you.


I don’t need you to look up at me, it doesn’t alter my eye-line upon you.

I don’t need you to tell me that it’s so hard to keep in touch nowadays and really you’re working because you think I’d want you to,

Because I already know what you’re thinking.

And I just wanted to let you know, 

I am with you as you work, and I am smiling over you.


Because you've not found university always that easy, 

But you've stuck at it even when it’s felt like work is squeezing the life out of what you enjoy.

And I know you’re scared that you might not make the grade, and you dread to think of all that money you’ve paid and the graduate opportunities with no guarantees.

I know. I see it all too.


So I’m writing to say, I’m with you all the way.

On the days you give in to the fear and forget that I’m right here and forget that I've never let you down so far, my track record is perfect.

On the days you forget to rest and end up in a mess because you thought just pushing through would be better for you, than taking an hour or two outside, with me, a walk and a talk to re-centre yourself and remind yourself why you’re here.

On the days when your god becomes work, on the days when your god becomes play, on the days when you forget that I love you more than words can say and so you try and make yourself feel better by filling up life in some other way.

I just wanted to remind you, I’m still here.


I know you want answers about careers and next chapters and I know you want me to spell out your future in black and white lines and step by step designs.

I know you’ll ask me a thousand times “what am I meant to do with my life?”

So I've taken this time to write to you.

I want to remind you of my promise to see your life through, from start to finish I am committed to walking next to you.

Even when you don’t invite me in, the fact that I’m still here remains true.


So, this was just a letter to make you look up from your work, 

just for a moment to remember we are not strangers.

I have everything you need to see this year, your degree, through to completion,

And I do not intend on you suffering stress, anxiety or sleep-deprivation.

So if you fancy a walk, a talk, if you are able to get back in touch,

I’m still here, you've never gone out of my sight, and I’ll wait for you through day and night. 

Because when you feel weaker, my love is stronger,

And no matter how long it takes you, I will wait longer.

I am proud of you, just as you are,

And however far away you feel, you've never gone too far.


So if it helps to write a letter to me, or just look up and for a moment breathe,

I’m here and I've got all the time in the world, 

I’ll see you in the library.



Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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