Students, Church and Europe!

Since 2002 I’ve been inspired by Fusion to see a move of God in the unis and take risks to break new ground

My vision expanded to plant a church in Manchester (Ivy Fallowfield) to reach students where they lived. We developed from a community of students and graduates I journeyed with over years to establish a church reaching out to students and the wider community.

Last year God started to whisper about change coming. I took a step of faith by passing on the leadership of the church without any plans for what was next! 

From January I started to pray and explore a new future with my wife and boys spending an amazing 10 weeks travelling around South Africa, making new friends and enjoying a great adventure with our 3 year old and 3 month old. We enjoyed God’s love and kindness in whole new ways.

Throughout our break there were lots of  “whispers” from Holy Spirit and conversations with family and friends about the desires on my heart. As I returned to make some decisions I recognised the “land to inherit” involved three passions colliding: church, students and nations. 

Serving the local church, calling students to be at the centre of it and encouraging it in nations. Fusion has become the natural home and relationships for such a call to be outworked. 

The kind of churches and student workers I see rising up to reach students are deeply rooted in God’s love as a Father and on a mission to display this love.  

My next steps involve building relationships with leaders across Europe and listening to God together about his plans for church and students. As Holy Spirit knits hearts together all things are possible!

Do you know a church leader in another nation? Would they be up for connecting with Fusion ( or chatting to me about what could be in their nation?