A take away, a homeless man and a Swiss student.

During Welcome Week (Fresher’s week) the Fusion team went out with Ivy Church to serve students in a busy studenty area of Manchester. Below is one story from the night...  

We came to a homeless guy at a bus stop with a broken arm, a big bottle of cider and a sad story of loss. We prayed for him and offered to buy him some food.

I ordered some chips from the takeaway saying it was for the homeless guy across the road, hoping he’d say “these are on me, no need to pay!” I was wrong. Instead he complained about the growing numbers of homeless people in the area!

I grabbed the chips and made a sharp exit.

The homeless man gratefully received his chips as a student looked on. This moment with the homeless man gave an opportunity to start a conversation with the student. We chatted for a while, and he told us :-

where he was from - Switzerland

about faith - he was an atheist

who is Jesus - he was an intellectual peace keeper!

church - he’d been to a traditional one on a trip to East Timor.

I was also given a chance to share how God transformed my life at university and generally encourage him. It wasn’t dramatic, but it felt quietly powerful and significant for me personally.

As we parted he said in a positive tone that we were the first Christians he’d met in Europe.

I thought "Wow! Europe really needs missionaries!”

We need to keep asking ourselves how do we reach into the world of a student in Europe who generally has no positive view of God or church? The Holy Spirit wants to teach us!

For me this student represented a generation in our universities across nations. They are far from any Christ-like view of God with a negative of church, but they want to change the world. 

I believe the church in the UK is being mobilised to not only reach their own universities but also those placed all around Europe - from Paris to Warsaw, Madrid to Stockholm. 

If you feel you have a part in this or know churches in Europe I'd love to hear from you.