The role of the leader is to say...

Have you ever tried "triple listening"? It was a first for me the other week.

I was in Lyon with the Fusion team hosting church leaders and student workers in France. It was wonderful to have 27 leaders from 16 churches (Roman Catholic and Protestant) representing 8 cities meet for the first time with the agenda to develop student mission in France.

The gathering - the worship, prayer and discussion was in French - it was France after all.

My challenge was to listen in French, listen to the translation being whispered in my ear and listen to God. I thought, "I'm meant to be taking some lead here, but I feel a bit on the back foot."

It’s been said that the role of the leader is to say, “You don’t need a leader”. Controversial?

It speaks of a leader that points people away from themselves and toward God and then gets out of the way quick!

Our leadership as Fusion in France and beyond is about enabling people to connect heart to heart, create space to discover the Father's desire for the universities and offering our best to champion and strengthen those called to this work.

In the conversations in Lyon I sensed the imagination of local churches in France was being stoked for new Kingdom work. There was talk of Catholics and Protestants working together with common Kingdom vision, chaplaincy, local church and Alpha courses working hand in hand, resources being developed to prepare Christians for universities in France and much more.

Excited days lie ahead with France as we listen to God's language of love and honour that is fuelling a common desire and vision for student mission.