Christians don't fast

I remember chatting with a teenager in my church about fasting. He said "Christians don't fast, that's for other religions."

Maybe that's your view? Fasting is often seen as pious and irrelevant to our gospel of grace. At worst legalism and a distraction to the mission.

Lent starts this Wednesday 10th with TheFastUK initiative encouraging us to fast.

My question is "Can a new generation see fasting in a new light?"

Fasting can be a boring and introspective activity or it can be akin to spiritual dynamite! Fasting draws you closer to God, creates community and accelerates breakthrough in God's mission.

Lent fasting specifically takes us on a journey focused on Jesus (not us) - his life, death and resurrection.

The student world needs to hear the gospel and respond to it.  

We know mission and prayer go hand in hand, but do we know prayer and fasting go hand in hand?

7 Reasons to Fast this Lent

1.   Fasting was embraced by Jesus as an act of devotion.

2.   Fasting is a practice of letting go of the unnecessary.

3.   Fasting keeps you focused on God as provider.

4.   Fasting reveals where you are at with God.

5.   Fasting helps you tune into God's voice.

6.   Fasting breaks the chains of injustice.

7.   Fasting refines your passions.

This Lent join Fusion in praying and fasting for:

1.   New workers for the harvest across Europe's universities.

2.   The Gospel to be proclaimed and lived out creatively.

3.   A huge response to the gospel.

Ideas for fasting for 40 days

1.   Abstain from social media, TV, Box sets.

2.   Abstain from alcohol.

3.   Abstain from food for 24 hours on a day or two a week.

Read more here on fasting  or listen here.

Suggestions on how to pray

Say prayers out loud, write them down and meditate over them silently. Allow your imagination to be stirred, passions ignited and pray out of that place. Vary your prayers - pray with others, on your own, in tongues. Use set prayers, use ancient prayers, psalms and write things down. Watch the fire inside - notice God’s stirring and respond obediently.

Ideas for praying

1.   Prayer group

Commit with at least one other person to this fast during Lent. Use whatsapp/facebook to stay in touch and meet in person.

2.   Bible Reading Plan

Check out YouVersion for Lent reading plans.

3.   Regular prayers

Luke 10 prayer

"Lord, send out workers to the harvest field of the universities of the UK."

A Prayer for Europe's students.

May these students see

Their Father running toward them.

May they feel his embrace.

And hear his tender words.

May their hearts come alive

And their perception soar

May they go on this wild adventure

To risk all to share the father’s love.

The Lord's Prayer

Ask the Lord what does  "Kingdom come, your will done on earth as it is in heaven" look like in the universities? How can I respond?