Switzerland's mission field.

This is a guest blog by Joey N based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The way university is set up in the UK, the communal nature of it makes it a place which allows for Christian community, activity and discourse.

Move to another European country for uni and that is not often the case (though there are exceptions): no campus, no Fresher's week or fair, no societies, no official community (online or off), and no hiring halls for your own conferences, especially if it's to talk about faith. These are the challenges often facing those who would want to reach out to students in Europe. However, that is also where the opportunity lies, for those who are willing to take them on.

The voice of secularism rings loudly in these universities, but Christianity has much to say and contribute to current issues, and it offers a completely different worldview. Christian voices are sometimes non-existent, sometimes very shy. How do we fill this void? What is needed?

Churches that have a desire and vision to reach out to students, discipling their hearts and training their minds; students who see their time at university not as a prelude to their working life, a time to experiment with all sorts of sins, but a continuation of their missionary life.

Resources must be provided for those committed to reaching out to other students, and to prepare high schoolers who are going to university to encounter the kinds of intellectual arguments they will hear spouted as common sense from professors and students alike.

Things are changing and local churches want to get onboard. We just need the right connections.

I also believe that the UK has a role to play in this. The Church has fostered a grace atmosphere, discipleship and an intellectual rigour in the English-speaking world which is not always found elsewhere.

Any missionary-minded young people out there? You don't need to go to the other side of the world. You can go study in a European university, where a good local church can support you. You can bring some of that flavour over here. In most European countries, tuition will be far cheaper than in the UK! Plus, you'll learn another language, bonus!

People come to Switzerland from all over the world to be trained, some of the universities here are considered among the best in the world. Same in France, in Scandinavian countries, in Italy. Consider it. You might be amazed at how God uses you.

Joey is planting Renaissance in Geneva with the New Ground family of churches. He loves Theology, Shakespeare, Japanese and rock, even better if they're all mixed up.


Fusion are hosting a gathering with local churches in Switzerland in October. If you know of people interested in working with students in Switzerland get in touch with Alan.