Prepare the way - Escape & Pray Devotionals - Day 3

Read Luke 10:1

After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.

Your trip is short, but it can be sweet as you prepare the way for God to raise up new workers and partnerships in the city you visit. You’re part of a much bigger story to be outworked in the city you visit.

Jesus' intention is that your prayers and interactions with people prepare the way for more of God’s Kingdom. You're going where He's going.

This is a reconnaissance mission - exploring the territory that will be confronted by God’s Kingdom. It’s spiritual warfare; your weapons are your prayers! Each prayer can tear down a barrier to the gospel and prepare the way for more of God’s Kingdom to come.

Your prayers are prophetic and powerful. They can change the atmosphere of a university and city, so students become more open to the gospel and serve a Kingdom agenda.

Also, remember on your reconnaissance mission to connect with what God's already doing with the church (the "resistance"). Pray for the church and share the vision of a net across Europe being formed to bring in a huge catch of students.

During your preparation and visit keep asking the Father: What do you want to do in this place?  Your prayers prepare the way for this to happen.


Father God, thank you that your Kingdom is Light and the powers of darkness have no ultimate future in the universities. Use our team to prepare the way for more workers and more Kingdom outposts. Amen.


Ask God  "What do you want us to prepare for you in this place?" Journal the response.

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