Team Play - Escape & Pray Devotionals - Day 4

Read Luke 10: 1

'After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go'. Luke 10: 1.

Jesus sends us out in two's because mission is a team sport. The challenge ahead for your team is to not just survive but thrive. So, how can you position yourself for that?

1. Always Pray

Pray before you go and on the go. Start your prayer by thanking God for anything and everything then launch into faith filled big asks for God to move. 

2. Identify Purpose

Teams can go wrong when they forget their purpose. #EscapeAndPray is part of a vision to see a net cast over Europe for a great catch in the sea of university students. You are part of "mending" the net by praying and connecting with the church in Europe. The  #EscapeAndPray commandments can help keep you focused.

3. Know your People

Who is on your team? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Work out how you can best work together, avoid rubbing each other up the wrong way and stay focused on the mission.

4. Keep Persevering 

The needs of food and shelter can dominate our thoughts and cause a stress as a team. Why not fast in the lead up to Escape and Pray? Be prepared to miss a meal or a few! Be aware people might ignore you, misunderstand or even be rude. Don't let your head drop - you're blessed! Pray, encourage one another and move forward together.


Father, thank you that you want us to work as a team. Help us grow together as we go together. Thank you for your blessing as we maintain unity and focus on our goal to "mend the net". Amen.


Take an evening out with your team and pray to chat about the trip.

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