Higher Vantage Point - Escape & Pray Devotionals - Day 5

Read Luke 10: 2

'He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."'. Luke 10: 2.

Jesus shared these words with those who knew all about harvests - it's what they lived for. Jesus was saying, just as the fields are ready to harvest, there will be people open to us and our message.

For us in Europe the idea of people being "ready" can be challenging. We can buy into the false news of young people being uninterested in faith. It's almost like, in Europe, we've believed that Jesus said "the harvest has failed, we don't need any workers."

#EscapeAndPray is a faith statement from a generation in Europe saying "God is sending us as workers because the harvest IS ripe!" The reason you are on this mission is that there are people (a harvest) who've been prepared for you and your message. 

Jesus' words take us to a higher vantage point: to see from God's perspective. Everyone is made by God and for God, and he's placed them where they are so they might hear about God (Acts 17:26,27).

God will be at work on the hearts of the people you meet. Your job is to love everyone, avoid annoying those not ready and find those open. It's a great game of hide and seek. God is hiding treasure on your trip, are you willing to find where he's hidden in it? 

Choose to believe the reality Jesus portrays for us - the harvest is ripe - say it, pray it, remind one another as team. This will be your great challenge as it was for the disciples. 


Father, I agree with your word. You are preparing people for me to meet on this trip who are open and ready to share what God’s given them. Amen


Ask God to show you that the harvest is ripe. Journal.

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