The Essential Prayer - Escape & Pray Devotionals - Day 6

Read Luke 10: 2

'He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go!' Luke 10: 2.

Don't you just hate wastage? I remember being in Zimbabwe during a time where there was a hungry population, a good crop, but not enough or skilled workers to bring it in. Jesus doesn't say ask for a harvest, he says ask for workers. We need workers across Europe, skilled up and ready to get stuck in.

#EscapeAndPray is about praying for workers to rise up across Europe to reach university students and form a net over Europe for a big catch. Below are some ideas to inspire your prayers now and later. 

Who are you addressing?

"Lord of the harvest"

The Lord is the owner. The people or harvest belong to Jesus. He loves people, so we can ask with confidence that he will answer our prayers. 

What are you asking for?

"To send out..."

The Greek words translated "send out" at the root level means "drive out, expel." There's no room for molly coddling in this commission, ask Jesus to propel workers with the momentum and perseverance to bring the harvest in. 

Workers that are sent like this are compelled by heaven's invitation not religious duty.  Pray that the call for workers goes deep into the hearts of many in Europe and they are propelled from that deep place to go. 


Rooted in local churches and fuelled by the father's love.
That make disciples, form community and train leaders.

That gather in regions to seek God, work together to form a net to bring in a great catch of students in the universities of Europe.  

Action & Prayer:

Time to practice your prayer. Get a map of Europe and pray for workers in every university city to rise up, connect to form a net over Europe's universities. 

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