How many graduates does it take to change a light bulb?


Four- one to change the bulb and three to add 'Illumination Technician’s Assistant' to their CVs.

We promise that’s the last groan-inducing, work-related joke you’ll hear from the team at Changing Light– a brand new, weekend experience for young adults in their first years of work or preparing to start work.

The transition into working life can be both exciting and overwhelming.

You may be asking -‘What kind of job do I want?’ ‘Where does God want me to work?’ ‘What will life in work look like?’ ‘How does my faith fit into my workplace?' 
At LICC we’re convinced that work matters to God, and that our joy, purpose and fruitfulness in work grows as we see it in the light of God’s bigger purposes in the world. So if you’re in this transition, we would love you to join us as we support you at the beginning of this adventure of living and learning with God at work.


What can you expect from Changing Light:

  1. Experience God’s love for us as workers, and catch His exciting vision for work.
  2. Dose up on fellowship & prayer and be commissioned for the start of your work life.
  3. Hear the best and worst stories of how others have done great things for Christ in their work.
  4. Receive input and encouragement from those further down a similar vocational path.
  5. Prepare for, and celebrate the start of their working life (just like people do for the start of married life).
We'll be joined by Latimer Minster with guest speakers from the Zacharias Trust, who’ll bring us sessions that are profound and practical, fun and faith-stretching. Enjoy the spacious farm fields and the animals; chop some wood for our campfire and bring your fire-side talent! 


Bring a friend and come and encounter the God who wants to empower your work and shape your sense of vocation so that your work and your faith grow together rather than separately.

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Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.