A student movement built on family - Escape & Pray News Day 8

Today Team's landed in:

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

Another day on #EscapeAndPray has led to more relationships being built over hospitality. It’s amazing to see church being experienced as family that transcends nations and cultures. Teams have described their time as “one of the best experiences of my entire life” and “amazing, powerful yet challenging adventure.”


The challenges are numerous, sometimes its finding accommodation while others have got on the wrong bus, misplaced boarding passes and had delayed flights. How do we respond to the challenges of mission? This is all part of character development!

Pastors have contacted Fusion impressed by teams on #escapeandpray and keen to learn and build relationship.
We have invited our international friends to our September Student Work Conference for FREE. Contact me if you’re interested.
A Netherlands team posted this great video:

Maybe there will be more nations next year joining Netherlands & UK on #escapeandpray?

Luke's team have put together this great video of their time in Kaunus:

Photo of the day


Join us in praying for

  • The 17 Teams that depart tomorrow!
  • Friendships to be continued after #escapeandpray at our September conference
  • Students to grow in their gift of hospitality & courage in mission all over Europe.
  • New churches to create Student Linkup church profiles

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