Escape and Pray News - Day 12

Today team’s landed in Turin Italy, and Hannover, Germany. They're joining team's already in Geneva, Switzerland, Amsteram, Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany and Venice, Italy. These are the final teams heading out on their #EscapeAndPray adventures!

Our delayed Vienna team went to a baptism service by a river last night, only to realise there was more than one baptism service by the river! They are helping with a youth mission organisation today before catching their return flight. 36 extra hours for their adventure!

Our Venice team woke up feeling fresh after finding accommodation with a couple of missionaries who fed them generously.

The team in Amsterdam had incredible hospitality last night, woke up feeling excited and headed to the university to prayer walk today. They enjoyed a toastie in the Christian hostel they were staying in. 

Our team in Frankfurt met with a church planter who they prayed with about the refugee crisis. They were praying that the refugees could see how Jesus has set them free. Felix (the church planter) asked us in the UK to pray for revival in Germany! Many Christians are believe it won't happen, but Felix has asked us to pray for new church planters and finances for church plants happening already.

Our Nuremberg team visited the University of Nuremberg to prayer walk and pray for students. They've been served Indian food and been bought ice creams after meeting the host church for just 10 minutes. They got to pray, and prophecy and encourage her this morning. 

I have been home from my #EscapeAndPray trip in Madrid for a week now. The past week I have been reminded of how faithful and kind God is to us when we seek Him. We didn't go hungry and we had an amazing apartment (worth £2 million!) to stay in which meant we could fully focus on why we were there and how we could bless the city. We got to prayer walk with 2 thousand other Christians from across Spain declaring that God is good and had the privilege of praying for countless church leaders. We saw children encouraged to lead in church, missionaries who'd given up everything and a faithful God who keeps His promises. 

I have not been able to drag my eyes away fro the hashtag, seeing students fully committing to proclaiming Jesus' name all over Europe. I have been encouraged and challenged by the way these hundreds of students are fully committed to seeing God being famous and seeing uni students recognising His love. We can really learn a thing or two from students that have been on #EscapeAndPray this year to see how they trust God completely and how they have fully gone for it. 

Keep checking out the hashtag to encourage the last few teams out in Europe.




  • The last few teams that are out on their adventures
  • God to be working in the people students have met over the past two weeks

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