Escape and Pray News - Day 13, the finale!

Here we are, the final frontier, with our two remaining teams in Turin and Hannover. Another team returned from Amsterdam. The final courageous students to tread the soil of Europe's cities and finish this epic fortnight of adventure, prayer and blessing. 

Our Amsterdam team did a late night prayer walk around the Red Light District and also ended up in a neighbouring city... we still don't know how.... here they are with their hosts looking happy nevertheless!

They're home now. Almost. 

Here's yesterday's roundup in case you missed it: Day 12

Also, check this blog post from one of the church leaders who took the Escape and Pray challenge. If you've been part of this adventure, I encourage you to capture your experience too and soak up all you've learnt about Jesus.

As I pray for the final teams abroad tonight, laying down their agendas and taking up the call of God to "go", I am grateful that there's been hundreds of this generation willing to get uncomfortably reliant on God. We've given Him space to be exactly who He says He is, even when that's not as easy or as safe as we'd like.

I also don't think the timing of #EscapeAndPray ending just as the EU referendum happens is a coincidence. Whatever the Thursday vote brings, I know covering Europe in the prayers and footprints of student pilgrims is significant. It reminds me that we are all part of a much bigger God-agenda and that is good to know!

As this adventure winds up for another year, remember #EscapeAndPray can be a lifestyle. We have everything we need live out the mission of God, take Scripture seriously enough to actually make it our story today, and be fully reliant on the provision of the Father as we 'seek first the Kingdom'.

See as many of you adventurers as can make it to the Student Work Conference in September, in the mean time, we pray, we bless, we give away before we've been given and we applaud the normal radical disciples of today who have a go for the glory of God.

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