Meet Alfie!

This is Alfie.

Alfie eats Norwegian cheese for breakfast everyday (what a dream!), likes theology and politics, and has a sonic screwdriver toothbrush. Oh, and he’s followed the call of God and moved to Norway to work with Fusion Europe, raising his own salary. Just a small move, then. I had the privilege of chatting to Alfie, so you can meet our newest addition to the team…

So Alfie, why students?

The focus for me is our generation. We’re often overlooked and the church loses out massively. To see a genuine revolution in church, leading to lots of people being saved, we need the twenty-somethings playing a key part. Lots of them are in university.

How did you come to work for Fusion?

I was going to Norway for a missions trip just over a year ago, and was invited back to live there. I chatted with Rich Wilson at a conference and happened to mention moving to Norway, and he asked if I’d thought about working for Fusion. A few follow-up conversations resulted in me being here now.

When did you move?

I moved in August. In September Alan and Rich came to visit, and we did some plotting for Fusion in Norway.

How is said plotting going?

We’ve got a good connection with one of the big networks here, who are very open to Fusion. I’m making initial connections, asking for lots of skypes and starting to visit people. This country is massive and empty, so you have to go a long way to meet anyone.

So what are you working with at the moment?

A couple of introductions and links with adults of our parents ages. It’s obvious that God is doing something with the student work in Europe, so there’s spiritual momentum in it already, which makes things easier. But… that’s all we’ve got for now.

Bold move from you then! Stepping out big time.

Yeah I suppose so. That’s just what following Jesus looks like.

And what does Christianity look like in Norway?

There’s what’s known as the bible belt- Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand, very Christian. Where I am, near Oslo, is considered the ‘heathen’ part. Similarly to the UK a lot of people identify as Christians just because they were brought up that way.

What do you feel God saying about it all?

The image I have in my head is of our generation, taking it seriously, wanting to follow Jesus and transform culture. Those people exist, some of them don’t know Jesus, some of them do, and it’s just a case of helping the church to find them and disciple them.

How can we pray?

The big thing is making the connections those who get the vision and take it seriously- that’s who I need to meet first. Also, finance is difficult in the most expensive country in Europe. God is able to provide easily, but we need to keep asking.

Finally, what would you say to someone thinking about working for Fusion?

I would probably look at what Jesus says on not worrying about clothes or where you’re going to live or anything, just seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness and these other things will be sorted out. Who I work for, and how I raise funds are just to support seeking the Kingdom of God- which is what I’m trying to do. If being part of the Fusion family is part of that for this phase of my life, then it’s a lovely family to be a part of.

Please join us in praying for Alfie as he works with students and churches in Norway! If reading his story has sparked interest in you, and you think you would love to work for Fusion, take a look here.

Could it be that you’re called to Europe’s students and churches too?

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