Dear Andy

If you could write a letter to yourself as you started uni, what would you say?

Dear Andy,

Just as you embark on this new season at university, here are a few pearls of wisdom to help you. Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course, and after going through myself it’s great to look back and see more of God’s hand in it all!

I know it will all seem a bit hazy at the moment, and drifting into uni straight after A levels, after all that's what everyone is doing. Even the course seems a bit unknown, but don't see it as a second best alternative to the one you were thinking of, it does actually work out for the best.

Okay, after the first year it won’t seem right, but hang in there as you'll see in years to come that in actual fact it's just the right course, and God has some cool jobs waiting for you on the back of this in the future.

The most important thing though is that decision I know you've just made to follow God at university. Man that's the best thing you’ll ever do at uni, seriously! This is going to be the time when your faith will really grow; go for it, it's your time to get those faith-wings flapping and be stretched through your own times with God,but also with the many people you'll come across both Christian fellowship wise, but even those who aren't believers and the opportunities to get the gospel lived and explained to them.

You'll look back, just as I am now I guess, and be well blessed. Seeing what foundational-years they are going to be for you spiritually. Don't worry about things being fragmented, feeling like you’re going from one world to another it may seem, just run with it and live it like a trooper for Christ.

Also, there’s one thing I’d say you need to watch out for as well, make sure it's the real deal and you don't waste time. I know that's one of the oldest clichés around, but you just won’t necessarily appreciate the time and opportunities you have at this time, but boy oh boy it's true.

Always, always keep your eyes on God, and don't get discouraged. Use every square inch of time you can do and live life abundantly, even the mundane stuff. It is actually true, those small things and habits do in actual fact count.

Even get some more paid part time work and get on top of finances early on, keep active and healthy, and keep it simple by quality time reading the word, in prayer, living the authentic right life that God has now empowered you to live. And don't get side tracked by the whole arguments-with-non-Christians thing, it's going to be the gospel prayed over, lived out, and clearly explained that will see good fruit.

Anyway, rant over – enjoy!


Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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