His Majesties House

His Majesties House is a Bible believing ministry with a heart and passion for outreach, supporting the community and youth activity.

What do we do for students?

We have a vibrant and engaging Student and Youth Ministry that provides an opportunity for young people to not only fellowship but also build skills and create unique messages for outreach.

If you're creative...
- Join our Media Team and use the latest camera's and technology to document our services, events and update Social Media!
- Attend Music School and learn a new instrument or develop skills on a current one, build the confidence to join the worship team!

If you need guidance...
- Arrange a 1-1 with the Ministry Team
- Attend a Prayer and Support Group

If you want to help...
- Join our Community Outreach team and find joy in helping others through our various charitable initiatives!

If you want to meet people...
- We have Residentials and Socials for you to meet likeminded Christians and develop those unbreakable friendships!

When & Where

Ramgarhia Sports Centre
8-10 Chapeltown Road
West Yorkshire

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We meet every Sunday for Worship and the Word from 13:00pm.

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