The Junction Church, Nottingham

The Junction Church is a Hillsong network church in the heart of Nottingham city centre. We're fresh, positive & bursting with student life!

A bit more...

We're currently pioneering a new Junction Church campus in Nottingham. So why not be part of something from the very beginning? We reckon you'll flourish here.

We meet on Sundays at the Beeston Rylands Community Centre. Our service starts at 7:00 pm and lasts around 45 minutes. You can easily book in at
Please be assured that we are following all government guidelines and are prioritising your safety in these services. We would love to see you there!
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As a local church, we're part of the Hillsong network. This means we get to lean into the freshness & creativity of the most cutting edge church in the world! We're also part of The Assemblies of God, a large Pentecostal denomination made up of 500+ churches across the UK who believe the Holy Spirit is at work today. Our own lead pastors Roy & Lydia Todd are leaders of the Assemblies of God in Central England.

If you're looking for a church that is faith-filled, solidly biblical and absolutely relevant to every day life, it would be totally worth your while to check us out. Our vibe is fresh. Our worship community is thriving. We're daring and adventurous with 3 campuses planted, 4 music albums released PLUS dozens of leaders raised (all students). From a church that was planted just 7 years ago, God has been doing truly amazing things. You've simply got to catch the heart & culture of who we are. We've got a serious vision to see you flourish. Our track record speaks for itself. We'd love to champion and cheer you on!

What do we do for students?

We offer loads for students here at the Junction Church. In fact, you’ll rarely hear us even refer to you as a ‘student’ because here, you’re simply part of the family, not an outsider. As well as our Sunday services we host mid-week life groups, leadership development, in depth teaching on theology, conferences, worship community (including worship nights), daily devotions, social action projects, missions, hangouts in homes around the area and a whole array of other stuff too. Here, you never have to do life on your own. We are absolutely passionate about championing you to become everything God has called you to be. It’s the very heart of who we are.

University is a great experience that shapes you for the rest of your life. There’s nothing better than to have a community around you who believe in you and really want you to succeed.
That’s exactly what our heart is at the Junction Church.

Here’s a telephone number to get us on: 07555 232139.
Otherwise, use the contact page details to get in touch.

When & Where

Beeston Rylands Community Centre, Leyton Cres, Beeston.

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The Junction Church in Nottingham meets every Sunday evening at 7pm at the Beeston Rylands Community Centre. You can book in through our website We look forward to seeing you there!

We also run midweek life groups. Life groups are a GREAT way to get to know people, build relationships, and encourage your faith. We have loads of life groups in the life of our church and can get you connected into the best fit for you. Just get in touch with us by texting 'Your Name' + 'Lifegroup' + 'Nottingham' to 07736 975218

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