The DMC deck

DMC = Deep Meaningful Conversations

It is possible to be friends with people without really knowing them. This is where DMC DECK can take you to new depths and provoke great conversation. You will discover amazing things about old friends and get to know new people

Skip the small talk - get straight to the DMC!

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The DMC deck is a pack of cards designed so that you can still play all your favourite games, but with an added twist- each card has a question on it from one of four categories; Identity, Curiosity, Living Well and Purpose. How will you play it?

Students, bring it to the table at a spontaneous trip to the pub, or bring it out in those inevitable late night hangouts after a long library sesh or night out.

Student workers and youth workers, bring it to your one-to-one meetups and watch the Holy Spirit at work through bold questions as you dare to go deeper.

"This simple pack of cards blew our youth café apart! One game of snap and we had tears, shared secrets, healed hurts and self-reflective truths. Plus young people now knowing they have a safe place and people to share with."

Sarah, Guildford

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