Fusion Training Days follow a 2 year programme of content equipping student workers and their teams and are free of charge and open to all. They work best when committed to term to term but you can also sign up to any individual one as a stand-alone training day. These days run termly in Sheffield, Bristol and London. 

Each Training Day focuses on an area of Student Ministry development, through teaching, seminars and discussion. They are also an opportunity to gather with other student ministry practitioners to share experience, stories and encouragement.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to take your student ministry to the next level, why not join us and find out more.

These Training Days are available as a stand-alone programme for those leading in student ministry and their teams but also make up part of the Fusion Certificate in Student Ministry. If you’re a student worker we’d love you to consider The Fusion Certificate as an opportunity to learn intentionally alongside others over two years, sharpening and developing your student ministry. 

Each Fusion Training Day begins with registration from 9.30am, with sessions starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm. There are plenty of places to pick up lunch locally during the break, or feel free to bring lunch with you.


Fusion Training Days 2019-2020

Spring term 2020 - Fruitful Student Ministry

London, Tuesday 4th Feb

Bristol, Wednesday 5th Feb

Sheffield, Thursday 6th Feb

Summer term 2020 - competent student ministry

London, Tuesday 12th May

Bristol, Wednesday 13th May

Sheffield, Thursday 14th May



Our venues:

London: Hanbury Hall, 22 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR

Bristol: Woodies Church, Woodland Rd, Bristol BS8 2AA

Sheffield: St Thomas' Philadelphia, 6 Gilpin Street, Sheffield S6 3BL

I fell into student work accidentally! When I came into contact with Fusion I caught the vision for student mission. Over my years as a student worker, Fusion has encouraged, inspired, and equipped both me and my students.