We at Fusion love to host spaces where student workers can connect with each other, share what's working and challenge one another to remain both sharp and creative in their approach. 

Student Ministry is a diverse field with relatively few workers. Those on the ground employ a mixture of tried and tested best practice and creative, innovative ideas to welcome, disciple and release in mission each fresh arrival of students. 


We will be covering a range of student ministry topics, designed to equip and encourage those in church-based student ministry. These will be hosted by Fusion team with a student work (and/or topic-relevant) practitioner.

Each webinar will be half an hour, with a 15minutes TED talk followed by 15minutes of Q&A. We will be doing the same webinar twice in a week, but at different time slots, just in case you missed one.


Mission Impossible? Helping secular students meet Jesus

(with Dr. Ruth Perrin)

In a highly secular, hyper-individualised and sceptical covid-shaped culture it is hard for many young people to even believe there IS a God, never mind that He might love them or that they might live their life for Him. We will take a few minutes to open the conversation about why and how a generation at “theological ground zero” might meet Jesus and have their lives transformed.

Monday 11th October I 4 - 4:30pm

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Wednesday 13th October I 1-1:30pm

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Diversity and Student Work

(with Paul Eaton and Aaron Nayagam)

The breadth and depth of the student body represent numerous ethnicities, nations, and languages spoken. But does our student work reflect that? More than ever, we hear God’s call to reach every tribe and tongue. More than just talking about diversity, join us to consider what it looks like to include, integrate and reach the nations of the world on our doorstep in student towns and cities. Join us to pray that God continues to dismantle division, racial bias, and imposter syndrome in and outside of the Church.

Monday 15th November I 4.30 - 5pm

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Wednesday 17th November I 1 - 1:30pm

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‘Being Spiritually Formed by Spiritual Gifts’ 

(with Dr. Lucy Peppiatt, WTC)

In this webinar, Lucy will look at how we can grow in spiritual gifts and encourage others to grow into theirs and how this helps us to be spiritually formed to become more like Jesus.

Monday 6th December I 4 - 4:30pm

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Wednesday 8th December I 1 - 1:30pm

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