Lecture and Discussion - Understanding the times – Religious Identity and becoming adult in 21st Century Britain

(with Dr Ruth Perrin)

Followed by a discussion about the Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology and Student Ministry for those interested

Tuesday 4th May 2021 I 10.30am - 12pm

‘How can we best make sense of the complicated times we are living in, and bridge the gaps between different generations in order to do student ministry as effectively as possible? This lecture will explore these questions and help us understand how to be God's people for 'such a time as this.’

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How do I use my summer well?

Tuesday 18th May I 10.30am - 12pm

Students have gone so it's time to rest and prepare. But have they left and what am I preparing for? We will discuss how to spend your summer well and balance rest, reaching students still around and preparing for the uncertain but exciting September start.

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Student Worker Retreat

(with Dr Freddy Hedley, looking at An Old Testament Vision for Worship in the Church)

Tuesday 25th May I 9.30-12.30pm 

As student workers, you’ve poured out your heart for students and in your ministry. This is a space for you to abide and be reminded of God’s love and his commitment to YOU. There’ll be plenty of off-screen time, some breakout rooms and reflection time.

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Tuesday 22nd June I 10-11.30am

The call the student mission keeps going! As we emerge from lockdown, join us to consider how to rebuild and reinvigorate your student ministry to continue to be focused on the mission and adapt to the new opportunities in reaching new students.




Thursday 8th July I 3.30-5pm

The breadth and depth of the student body represent numerous ethnicities, nations, and languages spoken. But does our student work reflect that? More than ever, we hear God’s call to reach every tribe and tongue. More than just talking about diversity, join us to consider what it looks like to include, integrate and reach the nations of the world on our doorstep in student towns and cities. Join us to pray that God continues to dismantle division, racial bias, and imposter syndrome in and outside of the Church.

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