Mission Styles and Alpha: 'Show Me'

Track with us as we explore how four individuals outworked their mission style through Alpha.

Show me: A ‘Show me’ person is practical and down-to-earth. They know God's love has to be shown through actions. They know what is required to get the job done and fulfill the need.

Emily's Story

I’m part of a vibrant church in East London and we have an incredible building which is used for many weekly events. From children’s groups, to music gigs and as well as the normal church services, we also have lots of social transformation groups. We have a homeless shelter which is run by volunteers in the church community, a foodbank and an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) group plus many more. 

All of those who come through these groups have the opportunity to come to church and even try Alpha. As a church community we try to reach the physical needs of people in the local area. I love being part of somewhere that genuinely helps the community and shows them the real love of Jesus just as we were commissioned to.

On our current Alpha, we have a guest who first joined us through one of these groups; AA. He took part in Alpha and then following this he started coming to church services after a member of the team invited him. Recently during one of these services, he gave his life to Jesus! Alpha was an incredible help for him on his journey as he grows in his understanding of what this commitment looks like and develops his relationship with God.

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