#thetruthis God made you perfectly

I once read a quote that said, ‘Names don't label you, they shape who you are’

This is dangerously true. We are all aware of it in some form. These labels can also spiral us into despair and confusion, they can make us hate ourselves or feel worthless. They feed the worries already in our minds.
We walk around collecting names and inventing them and we can let lies shape who we are.

The truth is this is not how it was meant to be. The freeing truth is that this is not how it has to be either.

You were created. You are designed and handmade in the image of the perfect God. You were made to walk with your Maker, to know Him and be fully known by Him. You can be the person you were made to be.

Jennie's Story

Hear Jennie's story of how she has seen breakthrough with mental health as God reminds her that He has made her perfectly...

Pray with us 


Thank you that you created me. You have made me perfectly and you love who I am. Thank you that you are pleased with me and you love me fully. Thank you that you died for me - totally willingly - because you want me to know you and know your love for me. I am worth dying for.

Help me to believe these truths. Help me to believe that you love me and that you are pleased with me. I want these truths to replace the things that other people have said about me, and the lies that I have believed about myself. May I be free to rest in your love today.

[Try praying this for a friend too - that they could know that #thetruthis God made them perfectly]

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Jo Blair

Student Mission Developer

Jo lives in Manchester and works for Fusion in encouraging students to live for Jesus at uni. She loves language and spends most of her time in a swimming pool.

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