#thetruthis God can break through

As we explore #thetruthis, there is still an impossible truth to consider. 

Can God really break through in mental health? Is healing and freedom actually possible? Are we ever beyond help? 

The truth is that nothing is impossible for God. 

We are never too broken or too bad a case for Him to save and heal us.

The truth is that nothing can separate us from God's love. And so healing and redemption are always possible.

The truth is God has healing in His wings, and He has sent His Spirit specifically to comfort us - He knew we would need it.

The truth is that God is on a mission to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release prisoners from the darkness. This means He can break through, and that is precisely what He is working to do.

Breakthrough can be a subtle and gradual process of course. Breakthrough can even be painful, as you fight to hold onto God's promises and wait to see them become reality. Your breakthrough will be specific to your journey. But breakthrough is possible.

The impossible truth is that God can break through.

Watch Rachel's remarkable story of how God can do the impossible and fully break through in mental health.
**Spoiler [cause of recovery: divine intervention]

Rachel's story 

Pray with us


Thank you that you are the God of the impossible. You can break through in any situation and you always come through, with perfect timing. Thank you that you are the God of healing and comfort. I ask that you would come through for me now, and help me find healing and freedom in you. Begin a new process of hope and healing in me God, and begin with my mind.

I invite you in. Help me believe that you can do all things and that you can help to heal me.

[think of a friend who you want God to heal too, and pray this again for them]

Check out mentalhealthaccesspack.org or download their app if you wanna know where to find more help with mental health.

Jo Blair

Student Mission Developer

Jo lives in Manchester and works for Fusion in encouraging students to live for Jesus at uni. She loves language and spends most of her time in a swimming pool.

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