3 lessons to bring home from #EscapeAndPray

3 lessons to bring home from #EscapeAndPray

In June, 35 teams landed around Europe on a 48 hour missional adventure. Stories have been shared in churches and on blogs, over coffees, and in pubs since they returned. Join us for the Uprising conference in September to hear more.

In the meantime, here are 3 student mission lessons we can bring home from #EscapeAndPray.

1. Hospitality is missional

#EscapeAndPray provokes the church to consider their posture in response to the unexpected move of the Spirit. Will the church respond with open arms when a student from another country turns up on their doorstep? We’ve noticed that true Kingdom stories emerge in places where the church enthusiastically hosts. Hospitality isn’t peripheral, it's central to the move of the Spirit.

Are you willing to host missionaries from another city/nation?

2. Students are open

It’s as if we’ve believed that Jesus said "The harvest is rotten, no need for any workers here!" However, when we ask a student in Europe if we can share the gospel the norm is "yes". The Gospel is novel. Students love new. So, when someone from overseas passionately speaks about God it's novel, it's news, it's gospel! Let's not buy into this "they've heard it all before" chat. They haven’t; they’re waiting to hear.

When are you going to verbally share the gospel with a student?

3. Training makes the difference

The training geared teams up to carry the ethos of  #PilgrimNotTourist, and being a “blessing not a burden”. Teams were more resilient in facing rejection and hardship, they pushed through to see late night breakthroughs, unexpected blessings, and experience more of the Kingdom. Training enables a far richer missional experience and impact.

How are you going to be trained for student mission?


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