#TryChurch - The Impact

Over the last three weeks we have been at 21 different freshers fairs, inviting students to #Trychurch, daring them to experience something life changing, to discover community, discover home and discover Jesus.  

"What is church like?"

Across the 21 different cities, 421 students said yes to giving church a try, and one of the most asked questions was "what is church, like, what do you even do?" and having being told service start times, nearly all asked 'which day?', i.e, they had no church background to know it would be a Sunday.

This is a generation that is mostly unchurched, they don’t have any preconceived ideas or any expectation of what church should be. We can capitalise on this; the invite to try church has been blown wide open and it is for us to get talking about it.

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Katie McLean

Church Relations Team Leader

Katie’s role with Fusion is to linkup students and churches. You’ll find Katie on the student team at Trent Vineyard, by the seaside or taking photos anywhere and everywhere.

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