What's your word for the year?

I feel like God gave me the word boldness (hopefully not baldness) for 2018.

Although this word speaks to my life personally, I feel like it’s bigger than that. It's a word for our generation. I want to declare boldness over your year.


Let this be the year you boldly follow Jesus, learn how to pray for the impossible and find how to worship through all circumstances. Let this be a year marked with a new boldness in how you share Jesus with the world, full of wonder and adoration.

Thank you Jesus for 2017. Thank you for the times we were on top of the mountain, singing praises to your name and thank you for the deep valleys, in which you built our characters and showed us that you will never leave us in the dark. Thank you God for everything you have done in our lives and for everything you will do. You conquered death to draw us to you, your redeeming love invites us to enter your presence and approach your throne with boldness.

Your love really does change everything. The news of you, really is very good news. And you really are a perfect Father.

What else is God declaring over this year of your life?

What plans is God whispering to you for your university or drama school?

What’s your word for the year?

'Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.'

Ephesians 3:12

Katherine Brown

Regional Team Leader

Katherine tried church for the first time at drama school, her life was totally transformed by Jesus. She loves seeing students step out in sharing their faith and inspiring the church to invite every student.

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