More than a rota

Serving is talked about a lot in church. There are loads of things that are required just for your regular Sunday service – the chairs need setting out, the song lyrics need to be in the right order, and of course everyone needs a good cup of coffee when they walk through the door! So we dutifully write our names on lists on “sign-up Sunday”, and secretly hope that we'll only be rota'd in once a month so we can get an extra hour in bed.

That was my experience anyway. I wasn’t quite sure what this ‘serving’ thing was about, but there was an expectation I should participate, and I’m very glad I did so, because I found out it’s so much more than room preparation and providing refreshments.

  1. It's about becoming part of the family

Preparing a massive Sunday roast requires everyone to muck in and get involved. It’s a great way to find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to have fun while supporting one another. Serving at church is like this – a family getting together to prepare something special to enjoy as a community. We’ve all got different things to bring to the table, but they’re all equally important.

  1. It's essential to being part of a church

It’s not about obligation or even “giving back to the church”, but it’s about investing in something we love and believe in, and becoming an active member of the family. Signing up to something is a commitment, and one to take seriously, and it helps keep us involved and part of what’s going on in the church.

  1. It's exciting

Some of the best conversations I’ve had in church have been over a hastily made cup of coffee 2 minutes before the service starts. Leaving your flat an hour early to set out the chairs is a natural conversation starter with your housemates, and you’ll be amazed how much you can learn about the serving nature of Jesus by replicating it.

We serve because Jesus did, so it's pretty important! It's an act of worship, and a way to draw near to and honour our Father. I encourage you to get involved, and to view it as an opportunity to bless others while being blessed yourself.

Jess Reed


Jess loves to see students connecting into church community and stepping into their God-given potential. She helps churches and students navigate Student Linkup and interact with Fusion.