Creativity in the harvest field

Then [Jesus] said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

-Matthew 9:37-38


What does it look like to be a worker in this season?

We may not be able to go out literally into the harvest field, to mingle among people in the way we’re used to, but there’s still the same amount of work to be done. There are just as many people now that need to hear good news and hope than ever before, just as many people and situations that need prayer, so now’s not a time to be passive but a time to be bold and creative.

Here’s some inspiration for what that might look like from students at Open Heaven Church in Loughborough.


News feed = prayer feed

There are so many things and people to pray for it can be pretty difficult to hold them all in your head. Bumping into people when you’re out and about, particularly on campus, can act as an ‘automatic prayer trigger’ and a reminder to pray for them. One student recognised that since she wasn’t seeing people in person regularly it was all too easy to forget to pray for them. She started using social media as the ‘prayer trigger’, and now when she sees people’s names online, regardless of how well she knows them, she lifts them up in prayer.

Snail mail

The postal system is still up and running! We all love receiving something in the post, and a letter of prayer and encouragement means a lot. Off the back of a conversation in small group, students sent out prayer letters to their church friends to bless them, prophesy over them and draw them deeper into community.

Doorstep worship

Back home with his family in London, a second-year student who plays the bass has started playing worship songs on the street. His family and neighbours join in, and hundreds of people have been listening from their balconies!

Prayer rooms online

Students have been meeting online 3 times a week to pray in creative ways, including a prayer meeting just to lament. They’ve been posting prayer tips and encouragement every day in the church Facebook group, leading the community in creating prayer spaces at home and spending more time in the Father’s presence.


What does it look like for you to go out into the harvest field at the moment? What new tools, skills and equipment do you need to take with you, and how can you creatively put them to use?

The harvest is plentiful. As we pray for more workers would we also know what it means to be the workers, praying and sharing good news with boldness, creativity and innovation.

Jess Reed


Jess loves to see students connecting into church community and stepping into their God-given potential. She helps churches and students navigate Student Linkup and interact with Fusion.