September, I'm ready for you

What are you doing to prepare for next year?

September seems like an age away, but we all know how time flies, and before we know it we’ll be back in lecture theatres desperately trying to remember what course we study and re-teaching ourselves how to write!

So what can you do to be ready?

  1. Rest well.  Take the next three months to relax, replenish, and give your mind a break! We’ve been blessed with perfect sunshine this year, so grab your Bible and some sun cream and go off-grid for a few hours. This break is such a great opportunity to spend some chilled alone time with your creator and let him restore and re-energise you.
  2. Have fun.  You’ve probably spent the last couple of months up to your eyes in textbooks, so enjoy your freedom! Catch up with friends from home, spend time with family, and make an adventure out of your summer.
  3. Invest in your home church.  No doubt they’ve invested in you for the past however-many years. Take all the things God’s been doing this year back to them and share stories and encouragements. And find out what he’s been doing in their lives and how best you can get involved in the next three months.If you’ve never been to church in your home town before then start having a look for one (the Student Linkup app can help with that)!
  4. Be discipled.  Make sure that you’ve got people around you who will ask you the difficult questions - whether that’s friends from church back home, or someone from uni who you set up a regular FaceTime session with. It’s so important to stay accountable, and to keep digging in to what God has for you over the summer season.
  5. Book on to Firebrands.  If you’ve never been to a Fusion conference before, this year is the time to start. It’s the perfect place to think about your hopes and goals for the year ahead, and to get excited about what God’s doing among students. It’s a space to reflect and to dream, to hear testimonies and prophecies, all surrounded by a community full of wisdom and prayer. At last year’s conference I received prophetic words from 3 strangers encouraging me to set up a small group focused on prayer. That small group has shaped my whole year, and has been a core friendship group and discipleship community. Who knows what God’s got in store for you? You’re invited.

Get your ticket here.

Jess Reed


Jess loves to see students connecting into church community and stepping into their God-given potential. She helps churches and students navigate Student Linkup and interact with Fusion.