Tell me a story

The world adores stories; it cries out for them like a child pleas at bedtime:

“can you tell me a story?”

We have an opportunity to answer the world’s cry and tell good news stories really well, letting people know that their small story is wrapped up inside of the greatest narrative of all time. 

Storytelling gives us a taste of redemption, shows us glimmers of hope and helps us to hear the voice of God. The stories Jesus told changed the course of history. As we become more like Him we should become better storytellers.

At drama school, your degree is basically the ‘how to tell a story’ degree. You learn to communicate a story through an eyebrow, the positioning of a light, a directorial choice. It seems obvious that God would want to use these talents to help build His Kingdom. At Fusion, we love drama students and want to help you and your local churches, learn how to do this. We want to get you connected to the heart of local church and see you thrive during your drama school training.

This starts with getting used to sharing stories. That’s the essence of the vision behind the Fusion Drama School Facebook group, it will have teaching, devotionals, resources and events shared on it; but it’s also a place for you to use your voice, your gifts to share the stories God has placed you into. Because the story you have inside you is a key to saving someone’s life. I wouldn’t be a Christian if someone hadn’t shared a good news story with me.

How can you tell the God stories in your life well?

Where can you see Jesus in your coursemates story?

What story is God asking you to help Him write?  

If you have a relationship with a drama school and you’re not already a part of the facebook group, join here. Sharing a story on this platform is a good place to start, it's so encouraging to hear stories of what God is doing. They raise expectations, plant dreams and increase faith. Don’t worry if you're not a drama person, some of the stories will be shared on a wider Fusion platform. And of course you can tell stories too. 

Katherine Brown

Regional Team Leader

Katherine tried church for the first time at drama school, her life was totally transformed by Jesus. She loves seeing students step out in sharing their faith and inspiring the church to invite every student.

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