DMC Deck- Creative Ideas

I love beautiful questions. You know that moment, when someone asks a deep question and you’re like “wow, I haven’t ever thought about that.” I love that moment when just one great question unlocks hours of conversation and a whole new level of understanding of how you and your friends are similar, different, how you process, view of the world, and your internal worlds. The right question at the right time can change everything.

We have created a pretty swanky deck of cards, with a beautiful, deep question on each card. I use this deck all the time, I think it’s just the best thing. Other than just having it around the house, using it over coffee, and normal card games (snap, go fish etc) here are 3 creative ideas:

1. If the drinking games come out, ask to use the DMC deck. Ring of fire, with deep questions? Much better. More talking, less drinking and you’ll actually get to know your coursemates. You can join in and not be doing the shots. Relationship and connection over numbness.

2. Buy a few decks and leave them around your halls of residence, ask if you can put them in your uni cafe, the library, on campus. You’ll be surprised how quickly people just get it and dive into deep conversation.

3. Give each friend a card at the beginning of a night out, dinner, or hang out. Only they know what their question is. Throughout the evening they have to try ask the question without someone realising it’s from the DMC deck. Means you’ll have to come up with your own questions to try and mask the DMC questions. If you get your question in without anyone noticing, you win and conversation will be flowing. 


Katherine Brown

Regional Team Leader

Katherine tried church for the first time at drama school, her life was totally transformed by Jesus. She loves seeing students step out in sharing their faith and inspiring the church to invite every student.

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