When Fear Gets in the Way

We know what we need to do to see our friends in our small groups: invite them. Sometimes fear gets in the way and we are too scared to invite our friends. I know this feeling. Let me introduce my friend Sophia.

Sophia is the sweetest person with a big heart for people and she is full of curiosity. She is not a Christian but is really interested when I share about my faith and my small group. Two years ago I had coffee with her. By the end of our conversation Sophia looked me in the eyes and said: “I would really love to try going to your small group.” When she said that, something inside me immediately panicked. She can’t come to my small group - she is not a Christian… If she comes I can’t fully engage with God… She won’t be able to understand our christian words, so we would have to change how we are... My small group is MY group, where I recharge - what If she wants to come every single time?I loved talking about my small group with Sophia but the thought of actually taking her was terrifying. I never ended up taking her to my small group and that is something I regret.

What could have happened if she came to my small group?

The thought of having non-christian Sophia in the small group scared me because I was comfortable in my small group. Having her be a part of it could cause me to feel uncomfortable or a bit awkward. Now let’s try to imagine three different scenarios of what could have happened, if Sophia had come to my small group.

  1. She could have realised how crazy we were – with our worship and prayers - then run off and never spoken to me again.

  2. She could have found it an interesting experience, decided it was not for her and continued being friends with me.

  3. She could have loved it, joined in and maybe given her life to Jesus.

Imagine what could happen if the day we had coffee I had said: “Amazing, come on Monday.” I realise now that my fear of taking a risk and stepping out of my own comfort zone was in the way for Sophia to possibly have a deep life-changing encounter with Jesus.

What I learned

If I could say one thing to my two-year younger self: Take the risk and trust that God is on the move! This is what the Small Group Big Mission training has taught me. I want to encourage you to learn from my mistake and take the risk: invite your friends to your small group. You never know what can happen.

So why don’t you try to take the risk and invite your friends to your small group?

Helene Lilleore

Fusion Intern

Helene is an intern at Fusion. She is a Danish student, has a longing to see God transforming hearts, and she loves avocado on rye bread.