Who is Missing?

The term is in full swing, the whirlwind of freshers is over and students are finding their feet in a new normal. For many students, this shift can emphasise loneliness and students can feel less at home in their new city. 

There was recently a BBC Radio 4 survey that found 16-24's to be the loneliest age group. Students sit right in the middle of this age bracket. 

This is a call to the local church to provide a home, to provide a place to belong and a place of peace. This is a call to notice the ones on the edge of the room and the ones that aren't in the room. Who is missing from your family this term? 

We are praying for... 

  • fresh creativity in how local churches reach students that are tucked away in halls behind fireproof doors, surrounded by soundproof walls.
  • fresh creativity to reach the students buried under work, behind their computers to masking their loneliness.
  • fresh creativity and boldness in how students are sent out from church, equipped to call people into community, to show people they are made by a God with purpose.

We are praying that students in local churches will sacrifice comfort and open the doors of their small groups, make space for more around the dinner table and share their lives. There are students that are crying out for a home and a place to be known, let's be the home they need! 

is fundamental to reaching as many students as possible with the gospel. If you're stuck for inspiration, we'd love to come and deliver training for your small groups; it will inevitably leave you inspired and ready to reach the students on your doorstep.

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Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

Katie lives in Nottingham and is passionate about seeing students lives transformed and creative student ministry. She loves to surf, even though she couldn’t live further from the sea, dabbles in tennis and would be lying if she said she wasn’t competitive.

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