Joining the Movement: Calling over Comfort

What is it like to work with Fusion?

Working with Fusion isn’t just working for God, but working WITH God. From the beginning, when starting to fill the application, up until you get the job and are working for Fusion, you learn how to choose faith over comfort. The more steps of faith you take in your job towards what God has in store for you, the more you realise you’re called to this movement to equip the church for student mission.

I always loved the idea of working with Fusion. Since I started working for Fusion, I realised how blessed I am to have this opportunity to serve my local church and my city alongside other churches, by helping them to develop discipleship and student mission at their church. I’m serving the kingdom of God.

"You’ll grow more in your faith, in your relationship with God, and then you’ll be able to serve better."

I am called to be a servant of Jesus Christ, just as Paul introduced himself as a servant of Jesus Christ in his letters. To serve the nations, cities, churches and their students; to serve the kingdom of God as we pick up our cross daily together and follow Jesus in work, uni, community.

Is it easy? Definitely not. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Why is it NOT easy? It’s not a comfortable job where you can tick off your to-do list. It’s more than that. It’s a faith-building journey. It’s a spiritual formation journey. Sometimes you feel like you’re in a battle and in order to win the battle you have to fight for it, and lean in. As a result, you’ll grow more in your faith, in your relationship with God, and then you’ll be able to serve better. However, growing is painful and uncomfortable.

Why is it worth it? I got to invite people to this journey by raising a team of partners who support me either in prayer or financially or both. My partners are my family here in the UK! They are part of this calling with me, I get to share what God is doing in students and student mission with them. Some of them might have a different calling in their life than student ministry but by partnering with me, they have the opportunity to be part of what God is doing in students too. 

I'm only 6 months in, but I already feel like I’m a totally different person. It’s been a huge mindset shift for me personally, as I now try to see everything from a kingdom perspective and a godly perspective.

If you’re feeling called to serve and equip churches to be outward focused and passionate about seeing students coming back to their first love (where they’re intended to be in the first place) Fusion might be a place for you.

You can find out more, by contacting Luke on or apply for a specific role here. We’d love to see you on team!

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Maral Assadzadeh

Student Mission Developer

Maral is passionate about students because she first experienced God’s love at uni. She is part of the West & Wales Regional Team serving churches to reach the 99% of students who don't know Jesus.

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