Joining the Movement: Why I Still Work for Fusion

I started uni determined to become a fashion photographer. Nottingham was a three-year stopgap to get trained up before heading to London to land a contract with Vogue (obviously).

Three years later, a degree under my belt, a bunch of industry experience, a few exhibitions and some live commissions you would have thought I was ready to hit the ground running as a photographer.

My 18-year-old fresher self would not be at all happy with what I then choose to do next. Not London, not photography, but student ministry! Sorry, what?!

"Students need to know that they are made by a God who loves them."

I realised that I was actually more passionate about student ministry than photography, I cared way more about seeing students lives changed than taking photos. Somehow a Fusion job advert crossed my path, I took a punt, applied and got a job as a church relations developer.

2.5 years later and I am more convinced that I made the right decision to sack off photography and get stuck in with Fusion.

Students have the power of God at work in them and through them and we will see students lives changed. We want to see students and churches released and equipped to see more of Gods kingdom come on campus. Students need to know that they are made by a God who loves them.

Thinking back to the time between my interview and starting at Fusion I don’t think I actually had a clue what I had signed up for. I would never have anticipated travelling so much of the country, being part of an incredible movement and team, meeting with so many incredible student workers and church leaders. I’ve worked on projects like trychurch, released and trained up students for mission and prepared young people for uni.

In my time at Fusion I have never once hit the comfort zone. Every time I have got even a little bit close to comfort zone I have been stretched, challenged and released.

If you are thinking about joining the Fusion movement, DO IT! Yes, there are perceived risks because on paper, it's not a 'normal' job and not everyone gets it (parents included).

You could probably find a million and one logical reasons on paper why you shouldn't work for Fusion, but there is one God on the move who will provide, and this is an incredibly exciting space to be in, joining in that what God is already doing on campuses and in students lives, in partnership with local churches.

You can find out more, by contacting Luke on or apply for a specific role here. We’d love to hear from you!

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Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

Katie lives in Nottingham and is passionate about seeing students' lives transformed and creative student ministry. She loves to surf, even though she couldn’t live further from the sea, dabbles in tennis and would be lying if she said she wasn’t competitive.

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