Joining the Movement: Straight Outta Uni

Going from training at drama school to working for a Christian mission organization isn’t everyone’s obvious next step.

I became a Christian in my second year, and I discovered I absolutely loved sharing my faith, I wanted all my coursemates to experience the love of God, to know that they had a purpose and that they were created on purpose!

I realized that the thing I enjoyed most about drama school was getting to tell people about Jesus and seeing God move. So after being taken to a few Fusion events, as a student, I started having coffees with different Fusion team members, getting to know them and I really enjoyed time with them, we just clicked! I applied and felt a lot of peace going into the interview. What a dream, I’m getting to tell people about Jesus and help other people do the same, as my job!

Like all team I raise my salary and am supported by many people. This was the only thing that I was worried about, I mean I thought I had to trust God as a provider when I was a student, but raising a salary that seemed crazy! Was it possible? Especially since I have no Christian family and have only really been part of one Church. I thought it would be a major struggle. But to my surprise, I’ve found partner raising relatively easy. It’s been one of the best things for my discipleship thus far, what better way to sort out your relationship with money than to totally trust God with what you earn.

My first few months of working for Fusion were really exciting but it took a while to get used to new work life and balancing serving locally as a student worker with wider Fusion stuff. I’d spent the past three years in rehearsal rooms all day every day, acting, singing, dancing and sharing my faith on campus. So the transition from that to being based in an office, in front of a computer was tough at times.

It is possible to join Fusion and/or student work fresh after graduation but these are a few things that massively helped me:

  • I was already helping with student work in my second and third year
  • I formed a relationship with the student union and student services while I was still studying
  • I spent time with the Fusion team and got to know a few team members. I’d been to Fusion events and followed their stuff online
  • I started taking risks in sharing my faith and failing a bit too.

Everyones journey into working for Fusion is different, but I'm glad I joined right after I finished drama school! 

Katherine Brown

Regional Team Leader

Katherine tried church for the first time at drama school, her life was totally transformed by Jesus. She loves seeing students step out in sharing their faith and inspiring the church to invite every student.

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