The impact of student mission: Scott Chapman

Mobilising the student generation into a life of discipleship has an impact on all generations as we reach the next thinkers, creatives, teachers, parents, leaders, culture setters, world changers, influencers and so much more with the life changing love of God.

In this blog series, we will be sharing stories of people whose lives have been personally impacted by Student Mission and the legacy it has.

Meet Scott Chapman…

Tell us about yourself

My name is Scott Chapman.  I lead a multi-site church in the Chicago suburbs called The Chapel. My amazing wife Tammy and I have three children, 2 in University and 1 in High School.  

Where and what did you study?

In terms of academics, I have attended several universities including Ohio Northern University, Mount Union College and The Medical College of Ohio. I hold an undergraduate degree in Biology from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in Religion from Trinity International University in Chicago.

How did you come to faith at University?

My time in University was crucial for my coming to faith. It was there I first encountered people who were actually trying to follow Jesus and believed that He was not only relevant to our lives today but actually was the key to understanding life itself. I began reading the Bible for the first time, and even started praying by just talking to God. It was revolutionary for me. Along with a few friends, I started a Christian group on our medical school campus. We hosted parties, held Bible studies and just lived out of our new-found faith openly. God’s grace more than covered for our lack of experience and maturity. Over the next two years, we saw more than 70 students impacted by Jesus with more than 40 coming to faith. It felt like I was living in the book of Acts. It was truly a community of the Kingdom.

How did following Jesus transform your University experience?

That experience profoundly changed me and opened a vision in my heart for a church that might help others experience Jesus the way I had. A few years later, The Chapel was born. We began as a collection of passionate 20-somethings pouring our hearts out to God in an old warehouse. Over the years, we’ve been blessed to see the Lord open thousands of people’s hearts to the reality of His kingdom.

Why do you think Student Mission is essential?

We’ve been privileged to be His hands and feet to the poor, lost and broken. And 25 years later, I’m still as captivated by Jesus as I was in University – honestly, even more so. He’s been faithful, deeply good, wise and true. Jesus is the greatest shaper of my life and the provider of my purpose. In Him I find life – true, real, honest, good life. Jesus has transformed me from an angry, driven young man in University who didn’t believe in anyone or anything into a person who is capable of genuine love, expressing true joy and blessed beyond measure by the life Jesus has built inside me.

What vision has God given you for the context that you’re in?

For all those reasons and more, I could not be more grateful for – and cannot stress the unbelievable importance of student missions on our universities today.

At Fusion, we are passionate about seeing the church, both locally and globally capture God’s heart and love for university students and are so encouraged when we hear stories like this. So we will be gathering at our annual conference with a desire to see the student world transformed by the good news of Jesus.

If you’ve been personally impacted by Student Mission feel free to drop me an email on, I'd love to read your story!

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Student Mission Developer

Funmi is passionate about churches growing and planting. She loves connecting with a diverse breadth of churches and seeing them thrive in creatively loving, welcoming and discipling students.

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